Advantage of stainless steel blind rivet

Blind rivets,When riveting, the rivet core is pulled by a special rivet gun to expand the rivet body and play the role of riveting. This type of rivet is especially suitable for the riveting of ordinary rivets that must be riveted from both sides. The rivet has the characteristics of firm riveting, stable quality, stable fixation, extrusion resistance, beautiful appearance, acid resistance, heat resistance, and no discoloration.The stainless steel blind rivet has the characteristics of not being oxidized and has strong anti-rust ability. The function of the stainless steel blind rivet will not cause corrosion, pitting, rust or wear. Stainless steel rivets are also one of the strongest materials in architectural metal materials. Due to the good corrosion resistance of stainless steel pull studs, it enables structural components to permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design.Performance characteristics of stainless steel rivets

1. The physical properties of stainless steel rivets have a relatively high electronegative rate. Compared with carbon steel wire, we can see that the cathode rate of stainless steel rivets is five times higher than that of carbon steel. There is a coefficient of expansion in the standard parts. After testing, we know that if the temperature is higher, the coefficient of expansion of the stainless steel rivet will be improved to a certain extent.

2. The force bearing capacity of stainless steel rivets, for stainless steel rivets, the load they can withstand is relatively strong. Although they cannot be compared with high-strength bolts, they also meet the needs of normal people.

3. The high temperature resistance of stainless steel rivets. Due to the relatively strong hardness of stainless steel itself, the pull studs after production have strong oxidation resistance, and can work normally at high temperatures without being too much disturbed by high temperatures. Stainless steel pull studs are processed simultaneously after manufacture. With passivation, the high temperature resistance is stronger.

Fourth, the mechanical properties of stainless steel rivets. In terms of mechanical properties, it can be known that many of them have a great relationship with stainless steel wire. Ruiyuda pull studs are mainly made of 316 or 304 wire or plate, which will not rust, have high corrosion resistance and high tensile and shear resistance, all of which are closely related to the properties of stainless steel. With the continuous development of nails, these mechanical properties have also become stronger and stronger.Use place and methodPull rivets (pull rivets), the national standard is blind rivets, it is a type of single-sided riveting, but it must be riveted with a special tool-a rivet gun (manual, electric, pneumatic).

This type of rivet is especially suitable for riveting occasions where it is inconvenient to use ordinary rivets (riveting from both sides), so it is widely used in containers, machinery, construction, automobiles, ships, aircraft, machines, electrical appliances, furniture and other products. Among them, open-type dome head blind rivets are the most widely used, countersunk head blind rivets are suitable for riveting occasions that require smooth performance, and closed blind rivets are suitable for riveting occasions that require higher loads and certain sealing performance. Among the stainless steel rivets, the open-type round-head rivets are the most widely used, mainly because the material of the stainless steel rivets has strong tensile and shear resistance, high hardness and strength, good quality, and the cost is higher than that of aluminum rivets. Many, widely used in demanding riveting occasions

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