How to install blind rivets correctly

Blind rivets are a type of rivet used for single-sided riveting, but a special tool - a rivet gun (manual, electric, pneumatic) must be used for riveting.

Main working methods

Round head closed stainless steel rivets

1. Put one side of the rivet into the locked component, and put the nail core into the head of the rivet gun. The most important thing is that the head of the rivet should be tight against the end face of the rivet.

2. Start pulling the rivet until the opposite side of the rivet expands and the nail core breaks.

Blind rivet fasteners are different from traditional bolts that use torsion to rotate to generate tightening force. After special riveting equipment, under the action of a single tensile force, the bolt rod is stretched and the collar is pushed, and the smooth inner collar is squeezed. The grooves in the screw allow the collar and bolt to form a bond, creating a permanent tightening force.

Blind rivets can be used as fasteners for bolted or riveted components. Due to the high fastening force and non-loosening properties produced during the fastening process, blind rivets are often used instead of welding.

Features of blind rivets

1. The total thickness of the workpiece is generally 45%--65% of the rivet length. It’s best not to go higher than 60%. In addition, too short working length is also troublesome. It is recommended to generally use 50%--60%.

2. If the rivet length is too long, the rivet pier head will be too large and the nail rod will be easy to bend; if the rivet length is too short, the pier thickness will be insufficient and the nail head will be incompletely formed, affecting the strength and tightness. It is not good if the rivet length is too long or too short. Only the right length can achieve the best riveting effect.

3. It has a stronger supporting surface and is suitable for fastening soft and fragile surface materials and extra large holes.

4. The increased brim diameter provides special protection for soft materials.

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