RL-0312H Pneumatic rivet nut gun

RL-0312H Pneumatic rivet nut gun

RL-0312 Pneumatic rivet nut gun

RL-0312 Pneumatic rivet nut gun

RL-0312K Pneumatic rivet nut gun

Fully automatic riveting ace-M12rivet nut ace models.

In the world of similar models, the most simple operation,the most stable use.

The highest efficiency.

Quick-change one-button automatic rivet nut gun, replacement rod than the ordinary rivet nut gun more convenient.

Rotating a stretch-type mounting tool that quickly mounts the M3-M12 rivet nut to all materials.

Riveting stroke can be adjusted according to the thickness of the workpiece

Riveting effect more solid,beautiful.

Revolutionary design of the motor,never card machine.

High speed,high efficiency,quick assembly.

Simple safe and fast operation.

Main Technical Data:




Air Pressure:5.0-7.0bar

Pull force:19000N

Air consumption:70L/minute

Grip Range: M3 M4 M5 M6 M8 M10 M12 RIVET NUT